Anyone experimenting with remote productions?

We’re whipping up a remote episode of Sam and Pat Are Depressed now that my costar and I live on different ends of the country because an episode about the awkwardness of remote therapy seemed too relevant to pass up. We’re doing preproduction remotely, shooting on separate days with our director IRL for Chris (they live together) and via Google Meet for me. I’ve been doing test shots for framing and sending them to my director for approval/notes, and he’s been sending me lighting diagrams back. See below:

Anyone else trying remote productions during this time? Are you explicitly mentioning the pandemic if so, or pretending the style is a choice rather than a limitation? @Producers


Didn’t know you’d moved already - exciting!

We did the video extras for Stareable | Discover the Next Great Web Series remotely. Originally I’d planned to record the narrator with my studio equipment, but we had to make do with her using her own phone. The quality is not as high as I’d like, but I didn’t want to delay creation of the extras.

We’re also pivoting our crowdfunding pitch video to remote. Luckily the script was such that it wasn’t a huge adjustment. We’re not planning to mention the pandemic, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty obvious.


Haha no I haven’t moved- Chris moved last year but I’m still stuck in NY

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This sounds awesome!! We actually created a remote mockumentary during the pandemic. It’s not nearly as polished (we had actors film on cell phones) but it turned out pretty hilarious actually. It revolves around a neighborhood watch group and we based each episode on real life Nextdoor posts from our community. We had the cast film their interview bits remotely and upload them for editing and filmed the group meetings via Zoom.

We decided NOT to mention the pandemic and instead make it a bit of an escape from reality for viewers instead and pretended the style was a choice. A lot of the cast and crew ACTUALLY live on our block so we were able to get some socially distanced footage on occasion outside on our block and a bit of footage of characters together (if they already lived together).

It began as a way for us to save some of our sanity during the Stay at Home order but actually turned into one of my favorite things we’ve done! lol. While it was tricky to figure out how to make it look and sound the best we could, those things get better as you get further into the season (once I started getting into the groove of remote filmmaking). ha.

You can watch it here! :slight_smile:


Just finished a new, stand alone season of Stareable | Discover the Next Great Web Series doing exactly this - me rehearsing actors via Zoom, then directing them via Zoom as they filmed on phones, video cameras, etc in real time. They then uploaded all their raw footage to my Dropbox and myself and the post-production team are now in the edit. The season starts releasing on August 7. We have 24 episodes filming with actors all over the world. And we are very much referencing the pandemic. It’s been a crazy schedule (we’ve been rehearsing and filming this since April), but been really interesting pushing the boundaries of remote filming. Website for the new season is here: :slight_smile:

PS - Loving the concept of what you’ve done Melissa (@OSTSG)! I’ll have to grab a coffee and watch some of it in a break!


I’ve been excited about this since the beginning! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. :smile: Hope you are doing well @SallyMcLean!

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You’re just the best hon! I’m doing ok. We’re back in Stage 3 lockdowns here in Melbourne, so everyone is sheltering at home again and only allowed out for essential business. Luckily that also means exercise, so I’m at least getting to walk in the nearby park each day :slight_smile: And it means I don’t have any excuses to not be editing either! Lol. It’s a little stressful, but masks are now also mandatory when out of the home, so it seems to be driving our numbers down (finally), fingers crossed that continues. Hope you’re doing ok over there too! x


My series, Legion of Terror HR, was born from a stuck-at-home film challenge and one of our episodes was done remotely. I’m in San Antonio and our actress, Kati Rausch, who played the super villain Red Vengeance was in LA. It was a really interesting challenge. I sent Kati diagrams (Shot Designer) for how to set up the cameras and lights for each shot. I mailed her a costume and props to add some production value.

We used Skype so I could direct her and see what was going on and exchanged some takes in the middle of the shoot to make sure we were getting what we needed.

Kati had a good camera and a basic ring light and that was enough to pull off something that worked. You can see the episode here:


Love seeing what you all are working on! We are in the final stages of post production on three new epsisodes of Scratch This the series which were shot pre-pandemic but we wanted to create some sketch - y fun buzz in the meantime so we just recorded and edited a zoom call in character. It’s simple and centers around the sisters in quarentine. This is the first one and we will be posting and sharing one a week over the rest of the summer.


Saw some of it on FB - good stuff!


We are doing well. While things got a lot better in the NY/NJ area, we are still staying home and doing our best to keep things better. :slight_smile: Walking when we can, wearing masks and ordering almost all things. We’re lucky to live on the same block as many friends so we can see them outside, socially distanced and my best friend lives on the second floor of our two family home with her family so we have been quarantining with them from the start. That has helped us stay sane!! Looking forward to seeing you again one of these days!


We’ve been doing this prior to COVID-19.

Update: here’s the final video!

Hey I did this episode and pretty much the whole season remotely. Everyone I’ve shown this episode to loves it but I’m not sure why festivals are rejecting it. Check it y’all :grinning:

You need to fix “Vocies” in the credits :slight_smile:

Web series-oriented festivals tend to have sparse Animation categories. If you haven’t tried them yet, you might have some luck there.

A little late to this thread, but my roommate and I created an entire web series during the early days fo the pandemic all full remote! Centering Dead-Enders around the concept of a zombie apocalypse was fun for many reasons but it mostly allowed us to create a premise that leaned into the Zoom platform and the separation. Also, using a zombie apocalypse almost as an analogy for the pandemic felt like a more light-hearted perspective to creating art during the pandemic!

We are trying to film a season 2 in person sometime next year although we won’t lose the Zoom medium entirely!

Linking the trailer and first episode below :slight_smile:

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