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Hey all-

Trying to do a thing where we have an ongoing intro thread for new forum members. This is that thread! If you’re new and haven’t really introduced yourself, or you’re a long-time member and want to introduce yourself to anyone new who might wander by, post below!

If you don’t know what to say, you can follow this structure:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Web series made (if any)
  4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc)
  5. The film thing you’re best at
  6. The film thing you’re worst at

I’m Bri, Stareable’s former* Community Director and queen moderator of this forum. I’m also a filmmaker myself. I am based in New York City! Below is a list of my work:

Brains (web series, 2 seasons, 2 extended universe projects) (writer/producer/star/editor/etc)
Sam and Pat Are Depressed (web series, 1 season) (writer/producer/co-star/editor/etc)
Ace and Anxious (short film) (writer/director/producer/editor) (also distributed on REVRYTV)
Buy In (short film- in post production) (co-writer/director/editor)

I have also produced:
Relativity (web series, 1 season)
Stray (web series, 1 season with 1 in pre-production)

And directed:
Better With You (web series, 1 season)

*as of September 2019


I’m not new, but I’m here! Welcome, any new people!

  1. Name: Jaime
  2. Location: Washington
  3. Web series made (if any): None yet, but soon!
  4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): Producer!
  5. The film thing you’re best at: Organization!
  6. The film thing you’re worst at: Asking people for help

Hi! I’m Jonathan, and I’ve been a member of the forum for a few months now. I’m a writer, editor, artist, and animation enthusiast living ever-so-slightly north of Los Angeles and trying to do my thing. If you dare, here’s my body of work:

Flagon (Wrote, Directed, Currently in pre-pro on season 2)
Sausage School (Wrote. Show no longer in production)

Stuff I do for the day job:
iHeart Radio Ed Sheeran Spot
Blake Shelton Acoustic Set
How To Make An Outdoor Bar Shed

I’m very fortunate to be working in digital media and am having a blast, and I’m excited to ramp up the personal projects as well.


Hey everyone!

I’m Alyssa. I’m a writer/actor that sometimes tries my producing hand on my own stuff. I also work as an office PA in TV. Good to meet you all!

Name - Alyssa
Location - Los Angeles
Web series made (if any) - Total Party Kill (Twitter, Instagram). We shot the first 4 episodes of season 1 and are entering fests and working on a way to get money for the rest of the season.
Preferred film roles - writer/actor, though I was an EP on TPK as well.
The film thing you’re best at - writing dialogue
The film thing you’re worst at - having to make a call on the fly as a head of something. I can do it, I just tend to overthink and it makes me anxious.

I look forward to getting to know you all!



Welcome!! Let me know if there are any articles we haven’t written yet that would be useful to you!

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Hey everybody! I am the co-creator of the webseries Killing it! I lurk and occasionally post on this board too!

Name: Jonathan Kaplan
Location: between NYC and Long Island
Web series made: Killing it! at
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): I enjoy writing and performing
The film thing you’re best at: Editing
The film thing you’re worst at: Promotion


not new, but welcome present and future newbs to the forum

st. louis
none yet, handful of unreleased shorts and pilots
production design, writing, directing
anything with responsibility


Hi - my name is Marina Tait, and I’m new here.

Location: Los Angeles, and a strong connection to my hometown - Portland, Oregon.
Web Series: The Wonderful World of Hunter Wood, comedy, newly added to Stareable.
Preferred Film Roles: producer, writer, editor
Here’s my IMDB entry.
Best at: Editing / Story / Producing / Relaxing /
Worst at: Schmoozing, Pitching, Negotiating, Juggling six billion tasks. (Five billion, I can handle.)


I’m new, but I’m here! Welcome, any new people!

Name: Patrick
Location: Atlanta, GA
Web series made (if any): SCALES, (just wrapped production on season 1 on Sunday)
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): Producer!
The film thing you’re best at: Organization! Keeping the environment professional, engaged, etc…
The film thing you’re worst at: Asking people for help

I’ve been capturing the journey on YouTube with my own “grassroots” type marketing.

Patrick image


I went to college in Forest Grove!! I miss Oregon so much.

Congrats on your first season wrap!

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Hello, long time listener first time caller…

Name - Harry Sherriff
Location - Manchester, U.K
Web series made (if any) - Early Days
Preferred film roles - Writer-Director & Actor.
The film thing you’re best at - Making it happen.
The film thing you’re worst at - Patience.

I look forward to connecting with more web series creators and watching all of your brilliant work. I’m trying to submit to more and more festivals and to go to as many as possible so any advice would be brilliant.


Hey, there! My name is Kevin Longa (currently in SF, California - although possibly moving to LA or NYC in near future), and I fellow Stareable member James Boo recommended I join.

I film and produce an internationally award-winning food documentary series called “TASTE With Kevin Longa” (or “TASTE,” for short). Each 5-10 min short film features an uncovered story about a food entrepreneur. As a one-man film team, so far I’ve filmed the series across America, Asia and Europe. I’ve filmed snail farmers in Vienna, dictator-fighting restauranteurs in Myanmar, ‘food hookers’ in Copenhagen, Michelin-starred chefs in Europe and 20 other stories. Here’s where you can watch sneak preview videos and join our free online premiere:

Preferred film roles (in this order): Producer, director, cinematographer, correspondent/journalist, writer & editor

Best film ability: filming high-budget projects on shoe-string budgets

Worst film ability: vlogging/social media



Forest Grove is lovely! Glad to hear it.

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Hi! My name is Rodrigo Diaz Ricci (RDRICCI in several projects since 1995)I have been a member of the forum for several months now. It has been a lot of help. I have raffled almost all the professional changes of S XXI and thanks to technology, I can make my own animated series for the web.
Name - Rodrigo
Location - Chile
Web series made (if any) - Ligeia the Vampire is my first web series.
Preferred film roles - As it is a very independent project. I practically do everything. My favorite roles are the creation (story, script) Design and animation. Music.
The film thing you’re best at - Project development.
The film thing you’re worst at - The worst thing for me is the whole sound part. It is something that is not my field, and for something, there is the figure of the Sound Engineer, which in my case, is too expensive to hire.


Hi everyone! Not new, either but welcoming all that are. :slight_smile: You’ve found a fantastic place!

Name: Melissa Malone
Location: NYC/NJ
Web series made: Or So the Story Goes and The Jolly Rogers Case Files (a spin off of one of our OSTSG seasons)
Preferred film roles: Acting, Writing, Producing
The film thing you’re best at: Getting things done!
The film thing you’re worst at: Asking for help… also sound. lol


Hi, My Name is Rob James Verlander, I live in Salford UK. I have written a web series called “Porch Dogs” based in Manchester. Preferred film roles would be Screenwriter/Actor. The film thing I’m best at is Screenwriting, and the film thing I’m worst at is directing. Bit unusual for a screenwriter, I can see the scene in my head while I’m writing it, but I wouldn’t know where to start directing actors or setting up the scene lighting or blocking.


Hey there. My name is Daniel Hart, and I’m brand new to the Stareable community.

I currently reside in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, though I’ve lived all over the US in my twenty-two years. Other notable hometowns include Fort Wayne, IN and Eugene, OR.

I’ve been producing comedy short films and sketches for more than a decade, hundreds of which are available to watch on my YouTube channel. In 2017 my sister and I created the semiautobiographical, short-form comedic web series The Hart Siblings (which just so happens to be Stareable’s daily staff pick today). We’ve produced two seasons of the show with twenty-one episodes in total, and hopefully we’ll be able to start on a third season later this year.

Also, in 2017 my sister and I released a six-episode short-form comedic series entitled The Tales of Charlotte Wilson, P.I., based upon some other short films we’d produced and an award winning, produced stage play I wrote of the same name.

On The Hart Siblings I am an actor, writer, director, cinematographer, composer, and just about anything else you can think of. But my favorite role is being the showrunner and overseeing every aspect of the series. The Hart Siblings is, for all intents and purposes, a sitcom. Thus, every episode is its own self-contained story that rarely spills over from week to week. Nevertheless, I have to make sure that each episode feels like it’s a part of the same series, and that the tone, stories, and characters are consistent from week to week. That’s my favorite part of the job.

If I had to pick something I’m best at, it would probably be editing. Something I’m worst at, would likely be acting.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this community.
Daniel Hart
Creator/Executive Producer
Xavious Pictures