Best Practices for Using and Promoting Your Stareable Show Page

If you have a web series that’s not on the site yet, head to! We’d love to invite you into our ranks of talented digital filmmakers! It doesn’t matter if you’ve just joined the platform or you’ve been listed on our site for over a year- the below tips will help you leverage your inclusion on the site to get discovered by new audiences and connect with other creators.

1- Describe Yourself Well

Show Title: Don’t add “the web series” to the end of your show title. We know it’s a web series, because you’re being listed on a web series platform. All it does is make your show URL longer and make your page look less professional.

Show Description: A great show description comes in three parts:

  1. A killer opening line. This is the first thing any potential audience member will read about your show. Make it pop! Make it mysterious! Make it something they want to keep reading.

  2. Who we’re going on an adventure with. Describe your main character or characters and why we should care about their journey.

  3. A hint at the world. Where does this story take place, and what’s happening within that? You don’t need much, not for an overall show description, but we need a sense of what’s happening to and around the characters we now care about.

Show Logline: The only time the show’s logline is used on Stareable, currently, it to help craft the announcement tweet about your show being approved on the site. However, being able to write a logline for your series will be important in pitching it to industry or just to potential fans, when you don’t necessarily have a full paragraph’s worth of words to convince them. Check out this forum thread with examples of other web series loglines and how to craft your own.

2- Present yourself well

The first image people see of your series, as a thumbnail in search results or on the front page, and as they arrive on your Stareable page, is your Web Series Thumbnail Image, or “key art.” This image should be in 16:9 aspect ratio and at least 960x540 pixels, and shouldn’t include much text. You’ve got plenty of other places on your Stareable page to include text and your show’s title. For more advice on great key art, click here.

3- Tags

You can add up to 5 tags for your series, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t tag a comedy show “funny.” If it wasn’t funny, it wouldn’t be a comedy
  • Don’t tag your series with actor names- if they’re listed in your cast and crew, their names already help you come up in search results.
  • Research popular tags that are relevant to you on Stareable and use those instead of making up your own- that way you’ll have a better chance of being noticed!
  • Keep them short. Anything longer than 10 characters should just be part of your show description


4- Cast and crew

This allows people to discover your show via the people involved in it as well as allowing your hardworking team to be recognized for their work! Go to your Dashboard, then “edit show,” then “Cast & Crew” to get started! Be consistent about quotation marks and capitalization when assigning roles (example: are all titles capitalized? Are you putting quotation marks around character names? Make a decision and stick to it), and also make sure to encourage your team to, at the very least, upload their headshots when verifying their credit. That way there are no empty icons on your list.


5- Episodes

Make it as easy as possible for folks to watch your show. With our new episode embedding feature, we’re doing what we can to help. Go to your Dashboard, then “edit show,” then “episodes” to get started! You can upload a trailer, upload a YouTube playlist in bulk, and even decide if you’d like to display episodes in chronological or reverse chronological order. If you’re actively uploading new episodes, perhaps feature your latest by clicking the star (see below) so it’s the largest thumbnail on the page. Otherwise, featuring your trailer or teaser will give new viewers the best overview of what to look forward to.

Given how prominent your thumbnails are about to be, you might want to consider dressing yours up a bit. Gone is the reliance on whatever YouTube automatically assigns you- take your show’s appearance into your own hands! Click here for advice on those.


6- Updates

A show is only as successful as its audience is engaged, so make sure you’re keeping people updated even in between seasons! Use the Stareable Updates tool at least once a month (to post to either your Stareable page, Twitter, or Facebook) to maintain your discoverability high score and keep your audience excited about your series. Click here for inspiration on what to post.


7- Engage with Stareable on social media

If you tag us and use your Stareable show link when you post about your series on social media, we would be happy to share them. We’re even more likely to retweet if you use one of the “now available on Stareable” watermarks we have available.

Pro Tip- We’re more active on Twitter when it comes to resharing things we’re tagged in, and word to the wise: if you tag us in your post but there’s no Stareable link or reference to us at all outside of the tag, we probably won’t retweet.


8- Ask for help

Ask other web series creators and indie filmmakers how they market their shows in our Stareable Creator Community Forum. You can browse through tons of community-written articles that cover marketing from a variety of perspectives, or just post a question of your own. In any case, you have a massive network of fellow creators just a click away, and you don’t want to waste that opportunity.

How else have you used your Stareable page to promote your series and find new viewers? Let us know!


Great info! Speaking of which, I have 5 reviews but my profile page still says I only have 4. Any way to fix that so my social media links can be unlocked?

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We have logged that bug and are working on a fix! Also, you def have 6 reviews now :wink: (boy does that one dude sure hate you… such unnecessary energy)