Congrats to Multiplex: Minnesota WebFest

So about an hour ago, Multiplex 10 won Best Animation/Puppetry at Minnesota WebFest - congratulations to @gmcalpin!


Thank you! :smiley: I’d like to thank the Academy, and of course my agent and manager and publicist and lawyer and my mother and


I see that Multiplex 10 will be screening at the Tromadance Film Festival in New York City on June 21 and 22.

I’m planning to attend. Will any of the Multiplex 10 team be there?

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Hello! Unfortunately, no, I don’t think I can make it. :frowning: Joe Dunn (one of the writers for the web series/voice of Curtis) should be able to, but I don’t know if he will make it.

I saw the “Multiplex 10” short film/webseries pilot at the Tromadance Film Festival in New York City yesterday. The venue is called “3 Dollar Bill.” The main room, normally used for live performances, was used as a makeshift screening room with folding chairs, a huge flat screen TV on the stage, and huge speakers. All of the movies shown were clearly visible to the audience, and all of the sound was clearly audible. The audience really seemed to enjoy the “Multiplex 10” short film.

By the way, the episodes of the Multiplex 10 web series are in reverse order on your YouTube playlist. They are listed in the correct order on your website (Multiplex 10: The Web Series), but in reverse order on your YouTube playlist (Multiplex 10: The Web Series — The Full Playlist).

I see that you also made a short film comprised of episodes 2 to 7 of the web series, assuming that the original short film is considered episode 1. (I don’t see episode numbers on any of your episodes.) Multiplex 10: The Web Series compilation