Feedback critically needed for new web series!

Hello Stareable Community!

I am the creator of a new show called Parrhesia: A Series of Conversations

Its the same old story: a year and a half in the making, all expendable time and money etc
The response has been very timid: it is either “amazing, looks great!” to no response at all.
All the positive responses are from friends or family members, of course.

I am looking for some very truthful and hard-hitting feedback on it!

  1. First impressions - your immediate gut reactions
  2. Does the conceptual premise and imagery have any effect?
  3. Does it stimulate any further internal or external investigation on the topic (ie. do you reflect on what you already know, or want to learn any more?)

I just want to know because I want to know objectively how the series looks and feels to a stranger, and if it is worth making more episodes…

Thanks everyone! I will go through the forums here and see how I can add input to others projects and discussions in the meantime…


Hi Sean,

On the plus side, you’ve chosen interesting pairs of people/occupations and topics of conversation. I think the differences in perspective would be very appealing to the documentary audience.

On the minus side, the constant switch of actor pairs was distracting to me, especially since they’re reading from pages rather than full acting. I was switching mental gears to keep up with that and not concentrating on the conversational material as much as I think you want.

On the technical side, the audio is very inconsistent between pairs of people, especially in some cases where the wind noise is quite loud.

All in all, this is a unique premise and approach. I’ve been to a lot of web festivals and haven’t seen anything quite like this. Hope this feedback helps!

Yes it does, thanks Herman. I really appreciate you taking the time to watch and report back! Ep 1 suffered from the most technical errors which is easy to improve upon. Im glad that I have a good premise and technical faults rather than vice versa!

Thanks again

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