Festival travel and COVID-19

I travel to web festivals frequently every year. Now I’m wondering what kind of impact COVID-19 is going to have. For example, MIPTV, a festival attended by many web series creators, has been canceled this year with just a few weeks’ notice.

The last similar situation I can think of was when Miami Web Fest 2017 was postponed by 6 months or so due to Hurricane Irma. Luckily the airline refunded 100% of my ticket price without me even having to ask.

I was already scheduling to travel a little less this year because I only have a pilot in circulation, which I guess works out for me. Are any of you adjusting your travel plans this year?

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And now SXSW too, which includes “episodics” in their film festival - canceled on one week’s notice.

Apparently now travel cancellation insurance will no longer COVID-related cancellations. On the other hand, airlines are starting to reduce or eliminate the fees they would normally charge for itinerary changes.