Filming Remotely

Since full productions are tough to do at the moment, has anyone started filming remotely? I have a couple scripts that can be done via Zoom and iphone. So I wanted to ask, if you’ve done remote filming in this pandemic, what have been your experiences with it?


I haven’t tried it but one challenge I can see right away would be getting everyone’s footage from different cameras to all match up during editing.

We’ve managed a remote series using Zoom and iPhones (as you’ve mentioned). The trickiest part in my opinion was sound- seeing as how not everyone has sound equipment, some of it was very difficult in editing. However, the series turned out to be really fun and enjoyable! You can check it out on Stareable, actually!

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Congrats! Can’t wait to watch. We’re actually filming Chris’s side of our remote production later today-should be interesting!

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A few of my artist friends and I were experiencing the same issues, so we actually created our comedy web series about the zombie apocalypse entirely over Zoom! Rather than apologizing for having to film over Zoom, Dead-Enders aims to really lean into this new medium by framing episodes as video calls between the characters. It was a big learning curve with figuring out sound (not all of us had professional equipment) timing, recording, etc., but we loved the experience and product.

Our complete first season is up on YouTube and we’re currently in pre-production for season 2! Check it out and hope you enjoy it AND find it helpful :slight_smile:

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Like Melissa mentioned above, I’ve been shooting a few things over Zoom.

Retcon’s just been released which is all shot over Zoom and my agency does a weekly video newsletter-ish thing that we (I…) just record over Zoom and overlay on some branded graphics.

I’ve also heard of using Zoom as the split during a more traditional shoot if you’ve got limited space, etc. but then you need your cast (depending on the scale of your production) to be a bit savvy with smartphone shooting or sound.

Only problem with Zoom is that the records only save down to 720p for short calls or 360p for longer ones. For the newsletter, our records are short so I just frame 720p over a 1080p underlay and for Retcon I blow our 360p up to 1080p and overlay against the character’s ‘desktop backgrounds’ for a 4K render.

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