How To: Vimeo Collections

In the “How do we fix youtube” thread I mentioned using Vimeo and how I find it more helpful than YouTube. How?

One key reason are the “Groups” and “Channels” feature. How do you take advantage of these?

It’s pretty easy.


  1. Search for your preferred category of group. Comedy Web Series? Sci-Fi? Just go to the search bar in Vimeo and search for whatever genre/subgenre/category you think applies to your series. For this example I simply searched for “web series.” Once the search populates, restrict the results to “Groups.”

You’ll see a fair amount of groups listed. Once you see what you like (I recommend as many as you can that are applicable to your videos/series), for this I selected “Web Series - Comedy”, click on it.

16 AM

Once the group page opens select “Join this Group.” You need to be a member of a group to put your videos in it, also it’s a great way to browse for series.

57 AM

After you are in the group you can go into your video’s settings and select on the group to include your video in it. Settings > Collections then under “Groups” you can check on whatever group you want to tag your video in.

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30 AM
52 AM

It’s a minor thing but I have gotten a few extra hits/views this way. The more groups you can put yourself in the better.

You might have noticed in that last screenshot a “Channels” heading with “Real Adult Feelings - Webseries” under it. That’s a channel I created to put all of my episodes in. It essentially acts as a playlist in Vimeo and is very helpful if you have a series on there. To create a channel for your series simply go into your dashboard/settings and click on Collections. Once that page opens click on “Create New Channel.” In my screenshot you’ll see the channels I have created and that I subscribe to. Above those is “+Create New Channel.”

09 AM
16 AM

After that it’s pretty self explanatory: pick your channel name, description, permissions to view, etc. You can also retroactively add videos you’ve already uploaded to it. Once you are done scroll down to “Save This Channel” and you are done!

So what is the benefit of this? It’s much easier to share a channel link than individual videos in a longer series and it will make it easier for new fans to watch your series in order.

Hope this helps you!


Oh shoot I was totally kidding but this is amazing and I love you for it

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@HackettKate FYI


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Oh man! This is awesome, and features I didn’t know even existed for Vimeo. I’m still very frustrated by the free tier being so bootstrapped in upload space but with features like this I’d consider adding my series to this.

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Yeah you hit on an important point in that first thread- the free tier is basically nothing

Yeah, important caveat. I am a Vimeo Plus paid member FWIW but you can still use the Collections/Groups feature at the free tier.


Thank you for writing this! Could never quite crack Vimeo :slight_smile:


Are people penalized for going from Plus Paid to free? Example: Let’s say I get a month of Plus Paid to get my season uploaded, and then after that month go back down to free…do I lose anything other than upload allotment?

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Weekly upload limits

After your account lapses, you will have a weekly upload limit of 500MB.

Video storage

If your paid membership expires, you will keep any videos you uploaded while you were a Basic member, but you may lose some of the videos uploaded during your subscription. For videos uploaded during your paid membership, you will be able to keep the most recent 10GB that you uploaded. Any storage needs above the 10GB cap will be moved to our archive for storage up to one year, starting with the earliest videos you uploaded to Vimeo as a paid subscriber. If you renew your Business, PRO, or Plus membership during that time, you’ll regain access to those videos.


Update: This seems to have distinctly increased the views on my short film. I even got a comment! Never got a comment on Vimeo before! THANK YOU JASON!!

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Awesome! Glad it helped a little! Every view/fan/comment counts.

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