HUGE layoffs at CollegeHumor


My own thread on it with further reading:

Yeah I saw that news too. From my perspective, the video space is following the same curve that the music space has already gone through:

  • Internet increases access for artists without large resource pools
  • Everyone gets excited about the flood of new content
  • Everyone starts to take content for granted and demands high quality for little to no money
  • Only creators with large resource pools can sustain providing high quality for little to no revenue
  • Artists without large resource pools get left out again as big money takes over

It’s a downer for sure. I remember once hearing someone say “Web series are the new punk rock” and for a while it’s been true. I really enjoy the feeling of pushing things through with my small team, not having to get anyone’s blessing or approval. I still have a soft spot for low-budget series that have a lot of heart.

But now I’m seeing things like web festivals where 90% of the selections are series that got corporate funding and have high production value but are empty in terms of the content itself. I really don’t want web series to turn into what television already is, just with shorter episodes.

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I found this sad, I haven’t watched CollegeHumor that much recently, but still. There’s so much content now and everyone is able to make content be it good or bad but there’s only so many eyeballs to go around. This reminds of what happened to and what will probably happen to Funny Or Die.

I’m also worried about the future of Stareable as well after seeing this but only time will tell. I dream another big company will buy CollegeHumor, but yeah, after looking into it more I have no idea if CollegeHumor was a profitable business.

It already happened to Funny or Die! Years ago. And Stareable is a fundamentally different kind of business (with far fewer employees) so this isn’t a one to one comparison.

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