I'm new to live streaming & I was wondering which platform would be best for me?

Hello, I recently joined Mixer and live streamed on it but I guess I was wondering if out of the three websites which is the better live streaming platform, Twitch, Mixer or YouTube? I already have a Mixer account but Mixer is still an upstart and people use Twitch a lot more yet I heard negative things about Twitch.

I thought I heard with YouTube you have to have a certain amount of subs to live stream on your channel but I don’t know if that’s still the case. Just thought I ask the group which they feel is the better live streaming platform for exposure yet I currently have a Mixer, YouTube and Facebook account. Lastly I currently don’t have much live streaming gear other than my computer’s built in webcam so out of the websites listed which one is easier to use my webcam.

I have of ideas for future live streams but I just was wondering which is the best platform for it and where I can do it with my current technical means.

What are you looking for from a platform? If you’re asking which has the best opportunity for you getting noticed, then it doesn’t matter- same as we’re always saying with web series distribution, the important thing is how you market it, not where it streams. So if you’re just concerned with audience, the solution isn’t the platform, it’s how you’re getting the word out.

But if you have specific functionality you need, outside of ability to stream (YouTube there isn’t a subscriber cap as far as I know), let me know and I’ll do my best to make a recommendation.

If you’re looking for a way to overlay graphics, for instance, I recommend Stage Ten or OBS (which you use to stream to a YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch, it just gives you additional management and design options)

Also def check out past livestreaming articles we’ve got on the community: