Looking for comedic web-series to feature on a comedy website

Hey all! I’m launching a comedy website soon that will feature various things including sketch and web-series. It’s predominately a website supporting women in comedy, so if you think your web-series would be a good fit, post it here! Just some free press for my fellow creators.


Hey Samantha,

I’d love to be a part of it. Check out http://bit.ly/doingreatseries or doingreatseries.com

Let me know if you need anything else.



I just premiered my comedy web series the other week! Codirected by women, written/produced by me (a woman), and with a female lead :slight_smile: Tango of Imaginary Friends - YouTube

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I’d love to be a part of it, Starable is a cool community. Check out our 7 part animated, Irish webseries Poxy Bleedin Shop.



We would like to include you and your comics in our Standup Comedy fundraiser. As soon as we get funding we would like to distribute funds your way to assist in your growth in the dual worlds of stand up comedy.

we will be in touch with all female comedy content

Hi Samantha!
My wife, Natalia Bortolotti, and I are co-creators, writers and actors in the comedy web series, Americans Abroad, a mockumentary style comedic travel show. We are about to launch our second release of season one in May. We would love to be part of your website for women in comedy. Could you please message me and let me know how to proceed in further discussion? My email is realartdailyproductions@gmail.com.
Thanks so much!
Georginna Feyst

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for a great collaborative opportunity. Please check out “Stuff & Nonsense”, my sketch variety youtube channel. If it fits what you’re looking, I’d love to chat: laura@pepperedproductions.com

Thank you,

Looks interesting! :smiley:

What a cool idea, Samantha! My Astronaut, a mockumentary web series about a woman desperately looking to get off this planet looks like it might fit the bill: https://www.myastronautseries.com/

I’d love to be able to collaborate on cross-promotion or anything else you might need as you get your website off the ground!

Let me know on here or on Twitter @magdalena_waz

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Hi Samantha,

This sounds like a cool opportunity, thanks. I’d be happy for you to showcase my series Unicorn included (Playlist), if you think it fits your site. There’s only four episodes for now, but we do plan to shoot more post-pandemic.

I’m a dude (writer and co-producer), but the series is female-directed and co-produced, with a prominent female lead role (… though she plays a gender-ambiguous unicorn… so maybe that’s a gray area).

This is a clever idea for a web series. (My imaginary friend likes it, too.) The philosophical differences among the students, and the interactions among the imaginary friends, is a creative approach to high school drama.

I’m glad that the video title includes the series title and episode number. I recommend also adding the episode title.

Also, the title sequence is an entertaining mini music video, but if you plan to have many short episodes, a 41-second title sequence may be too much. Maybe starting with the fourth episode, have a five-second title sequence.

The very popular Carmilla web series illustrates these points: Carmilla - The Series | S1 E1 "Disorientation" - YouTube

Hey Jon, this series is so fun! I’d love to feature it on the website. Let me know if you have any additional credits/copy you’d want to be included on the site :slight_smile:
(ps, the website is now up and running, thebelleringer dot com. There’s a submissions page for future projects or if anyone else is interested!)

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Thanks. The producer of Carmilla was actually one of my professors.

Hey Samantha! Hope there’s still room on your website for a zombie comedy web series co-created and written by two queer women of color~

Dead-Enders’ first season was filmed entirely over Zoom (conceived and brought to life during the pandemic) and we’re currently shooting season 2! Looking to reach a wider audience before our second season premieres since we think there’s a lot of heart in this character-driven narrative :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’d love to feature it!

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