Media Outreach / PR for Web Series

Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting in the Stareable community forum. I’m about to release my narrative web series and have identified an audience for it, which I’m excited to try and connect to. Does anyone have experience going out to media via press releases or any kind of media outreach? I’m looking for recommendations - for PR Agents, so if you know anyone, I’m all ears!


  • Allen

I don’t know any publicists, but we have a few articles that might help!

And most (if not all) of these articles:

We tend to do a two fold approach to this:

Both of these approaches have been successful for us, I think in part as they are not your standard Press Release.


@Bri_Castellini thanks for the links and for the resource of this community. I’ve been reading up since you posted back to my comment. One thing that’s been helping me so far is patience. With how fast the digital world is developing, there are new opportunities, and seemingly a whole new distribution atmosphere every few months. One of the most helpful things I did was (reluctantly) create a bible for my show, but it turned out to be a really important thing to do. The bible helped me realize that my show has legs as a half hour TV show, and knowing that makes a big difference in terms of how I structure my marketing/distribution plan. Being patient also helped me identify my audience, not an easy thing to do for a narrative web series…

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