*Now Accepting Web Series + Films for Streaming TV Network with Global Distribution*

Do you have a web series, talk show, documentary, or film that you need distribution for?

We’re currently accepting web series, documentaries and independent films to be distributed on streaming TV across Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Android TV. Interested creators looking for distribution can connect here for consideration. There is no fee for this opportunity for those who qualify.

Please share your links here to your content for review and content category. We are considering content in the following categories: Business, Music, Entertainment, Leadership and Empowerment, Lifestyle, Culinary Arts, Comedy, Drama, family-friendly, beauty and fashion, etc.

I’m curious to learn more. You can view our nature documentary series here: Naturally Ours on Seeka TV

Im currently shooting a web series, is it eligible?
We are on episode 3 of 6.

Thank you.

kisapuckett, this is our extended trailer [https://vimeo.com/399321985/2f400e95ea] for of our full length feature stand up film; “Half Black, Half White, Looks Mexican!” it is approximately 116 minutes clean rated PG version. Our R rated version is uncut, unreleased, ready for editing and release. we was creating others as well as working on our unscripted Stand Up Comedy Docuseries “Who’s That?”…pre pandemic. please email trueAjtn@juno.com with any questions.

Hi. This is the link for the comedy series Pitches.

Hope you enjoy

Gareth Brierley

I have one that I made and would love to have it on here I have a few here’s one of them and the other one would be a trailer but here’s my first one https://youtu.be/YbxOQ6mNHOQ now the second is a trailer https://youtu.be/65qFzJfqugU

Co-showrunner/writer/actor for Dead-Enders, a zombie comedy web series here! First season held entirely over Zoom (conceived and brought to life during the pandemic) and we’re now fundraising for an IRL season 2. Looking to reach a wider audience since we think there’s a lot of heart in this character-driven narrative.

Hey! Here is my trailer for my upcoming web series Marcia The Self-Help Guru:

It’s a comedy mock talk show.

Hi @kisapuckett,

Our web series (I am writer/director) “The Drive-Thru Therapist” can be viewed here (password: GERALD2020): https://vimeo.com/497687681 and the series trailer is here: https://vimeo.com/495888128

The series is narrative and Season 1 has 6 episodes running 5-7 minutes in length!

Hi Kisa,

Would love for you to consider Retcon, a sci-fi time drama about the titular time travel agency, its staff, and its clients.

You can find the show through here.


My comedy web series just premiered last week on YouTube! Kinda like Lizzie McGuire meets religious trauma.

Here’s a link to my comedy web series “Deliver Me!”, based on real pizza delivery stories. Reach out if interested.

I’m keen to know more. “Three Trembling Cities” is a drama about the inner lives and daily struggles of two circles of immigrants living in NYC. It’s been to a number of fests and events across the globe and picked up some awards. You can see the first season on Seeka TV:

You can contact me at: info@chaoticsequence.com
First season is 10 episodes, 90 minutes total (episodes run from 7-12 minutes each).