SAG new media deferred payment payroll?

Edit: Figured it out! I’m all good :slight_smile:

Hey all–
Recently wrapped my SAG New Media show. We’re doing deferred payment and aren’t obligated to pay our actors yet (we haven’t reached the terms outline in their contracts) but our actors have questions about payroll and I’m not sure how it works for deferred payment. Anyone have any insight/advice?


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There is no payroll. They aren’t being paid.

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I know you figured it out @alwaysafilmgeek, but in case others were curious:

Yes, there is no immediate payroll services needed. Some SAG-AFTRA signatory agreements allow you to defer payment to your talent, as long as they agree to the deferment terms. This means the actors do not get paid until the terms of deferral are met, which usually would be when the project is sold or picked up for distribution. P&H/H&R contributions, as well as payroll tax obligations, are also deferred until payments are actually issued to the performers.

BTW, I work at Media Services, a production payroll company :slightly_smiling_face: