Seeking recommendations for ensemble comedy web series

Hey all! I’m looking for recommendations for ensemble workplace or romantic comedy web series for one of my students. In the vein of Frank & Lamar which I’ve already sent to her. She’s developing a super cool series about volunteer EMTs and is struggling to find a good balance between having a full and weird cast that also doesn’t overwhelm the short format.

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I will have to take a look at Frank & Lamar. Around what size cast is she looking at?

5+ recurring characters

First thing I thought of was LARPs The Series: LARPs: The Series | Episode 00 - LARPs - YouTube.

Has at least five major characters, including some romcom elements. A very specific kind of humor, but I enjoyed it.

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Is that workplace comedy?

No, sorry, I gravitated more towards the romantic comedy elements you mentioned. There’s a couple workplace scenes in the series, but wouldn’t call it a workplace comedy.

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I remember seeing a comedy series about paramedics at a fest not too long ago. I’ll try to dredge up the name from my memory.

Save Me? Not available in the US sadly so I can’t show her!

It was Canadian as far as I remember

Yeah it’s likely Save Me- great series, only avail in Canada

Ah yes, I was mis-finding the British series of the same name

Theatre People is sort of workplace comedy. It’s definitely ensemble.


oo good call

Sexy Herpes is workplace ensemble and vaguely medical

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Big Law

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Do you have a link?

Arrrgh, the poor A-W kerning in their logo makes my eyes hurt

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