Seeking YouTubers For Future Podcast

Hello, I’m starting a podcast called “Shooting The Buck” and in said podcast I’m going to do a segment called “YouTuber of the Week” in which I talk about a YouTube channel I like. I already have some channels I wish to talk about but I thought it would be a good idea if in future episodes I talk about channels from the Stareable creators on my podcast.

So if interested send me a link to your channel in this thread and a brief summary of what you do on said YouTube channel. I’ll include the link to where you can listen to future episodes of “Shooting The Buck” once they’re made. Anyway excited to discover new creators and I can’t wait to start making episodes of my podcast.


Hey Bucky, I’m Jonathan Chuby, The Co-Creator of the Show, “Geoff and the Ninja” you can check it out here on YouTube

The show was Released two days, so our channel isn’t huge yet.
I’m a Canadian film makers, Writer, Producer and Actor, I star in the show and have been filming with My company Picaroon Pictures for a long time.

Would be fun to get Jeremy and I on the show, so Check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it, be sure to share it around for me.
Jonathan Chuby

I’m not a YouTuber as a host, but I use the platform for scheduled releases of web series.

Thanks for your interest, I just added your video to this playlist I made to promote YouTubers. Anyway I’ll try my best to mention your show in a future podcast of mine.

Thanks Bucky.

Hi Bucky,

We have a travel and culture channel called Roamancing. While we share many on the fly style videos there, it is also home to our Stareable Web Series, Naturally Ours.

In addition, we have another channel for our business, where we share things on storytelling, technology, and edtech. Here’s a link to that channel:

I look forward to checking out your podcast.