Show recommendations 2020?

Hi everyone!
I’m struggling to find episodic web series on YouTube that are in English. Do you guys have any recommendations?

Mika Marcovitz AKA Mika Gill

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Are you looking for anything more specific than being in English? (I’m curious - what other languages are predominate?)

I have a fantasy/Harry Potter web series:


Hindu or is it Hindi?
Everything seems to be East Indian.

Honestly - any episodic web series that an English speaker would understand.
Not sketch comedy or DIU/ how to

The spell tutor is great! How often do you post episodes? Is there a new season coming up?

Yes, India is cranking out a lot of web series.

Thank you!
The series is complete at 24 episodes. We resolved the main story arc and didn’t want to drag it out beyond that :slight_smile:

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I understand. Do you know of any other such web series that is currently releasing new episodes?

Seeka TV is a good source for new content


Hi Mika!

I currently have an episodic web series called Dead-Enders. It’s a comedy show about the zombie apocalypse and was filmed over Zoom during the early months of quarantine. We are planning on doing a season2 that will be premiering next year, check it out!


Thanks, Nicole. Very nice!
I registered as a subscriber with my channel.
Can I ask how you promoted the videos?

Thanks! Gonna check it out!

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Hi Mika,

I’m currently releasing a sci-fi time travel web series called Retcon.

The show follows the titular time travel agency, its staff, and its clients as they explore their new futures in the past.

You can find the two released episodes here but new episodes come out every Wednesday at 9pm GMT.

To answer your question about promoting the videos, I’m running organic social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@retconshow everywhere) as well as some low-level organic PR with the help of some friends in the PR space (I write and issue press releases, my friends make sure I’m not making huge errors).

I’m writing an article about our marketing and distribution strategy atm so I’m happy to share the draft with you and chat through any other questions you might have?


Hey Mika! So sorry for the late response.

We actually promoted the series primarily through our Instagram account and tried to engage regularly with our followers as much as possible. We posted snippets from the trailer, screenshots, memes, and character introductions which helped connect with our audience more