Web Series Entries on Stareable Website

Where on the Stareable websites can one browse listings of web series? That feature seems to have disappeared.

For example, the link https://www.stareable.com/series/view/brains used to link to the Stareable entry for the Brains web series, but now this link gives a 404 error. In fact this entire website directory no longer exists.

Yikes, yeah it looks like they’re re-focusing on the festival more than the catalog

From what I have observed, Stareable has been making a number of changes to its websites.

Some of their old blog contents seems to have been deleted, and the rest have been moved from their Medium account (which was at blog.stareable.com) to their main website (stareable.com).

Here is a convient list of the 109 articles that Bri wrote for Stareable from February 2017 to August 2019 (scroll down to the “Stareable” section of the webpage): Editorial – Bri Castellini

Stareable seems to have messed up the dates of the blog posts. For example, here is a partial list of their blog posts in which the there are dates in the list. However, if you click on any of the posts in the list to view the actual post, you will find what seems to be a different, probably incorrect date in the post itself. The Craft Of Filmmaking Tagged Articles | Stareables

The dates in Bri’s list above match some of the dates in Stareable’s list above, but others don’t match. It seems that the month and day were swapped for the mismatched ones. For example, for the article “5 Tips For Engaging, Enjoyable Live Streaming,” Bri lists the post date as “3/11/19,” while Stareable’s list above lists the post date as “November 3, 2019” (11/3/19). (Everyone seems to be using the U.S. date-writing protocol.)

Although some blog posts have been deleted from the main website, they still seem to live on within this community forum. For example, compare these two links:

By the way, I’m guessing that the Stareable Enrich service has been discontinued.


This video from the Stareable YouTube channel describes the functionality that we are discussing in this thread, and which now appears to be missing: What the heck is Stareable? - YouTube

Is not this functionality one of the main purposes of Stareable?

By the way, Stareable’s Republic crowd-investing campaign page may be of interest: https://republic.co/stareable

I was informed by Stareable that, earlier this year, they had decided to discontinue their online directory of web series, because maintaining that functionally was draining their resources, and they were not monetizing it. Instead, they are focusing on Stareable Fest and initiatives for shopping web series projects to the TV industry.

Having absolutely no directory of web series seems a shame, so I decided to begin recreating at least part of it, beginning with a simple list of titles. First I put on the list all of the official selections of the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Stareable Fests. After that, I started poring over some of the threads on this forum for mentions of web series, and added those to the list. I was going to post the list on this forum, but the list already has 361 titles. That would make a really long forum post!

If there is interest, I can put the still-growing list on my website in the form of a convenient scrollable table. The list is only partially vetted, i.e., I have not checked if all of the web series have an Internet presence.

Sounds like quite an undertaking :slight_smile:

A simple list of a few hundred titles isn’t too overwhelming. I am already in the process of creating a list of genre film festivals in the U.S. It is still a work in progress, but you can see the current state of the list here: Genre Film Festivals in the USA - Genre Events

Offering web series creators additional functionality would require some more resources. Perhaps a freemium service?

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In my quest to partially recreate Stareable’s now-discontinued web series directory, I started making a list of the web series mentioned on some of the threads on this forum, as well as the official selections of all four Stareable Fests.

Right now, the list exists as a scrollable table with one column for the web series name. So far, there are 430 web series listed.

I would like to add additional columns to the table, to provide some of the information that was available in the original Stareable directory. What are some good ideas for additional columns? Here are some possibilities:

  • Logline
  • External Link 1
  • External Link 2
  • External Link 3
  • Genre 1
  • Genre 2
  • Name of Director or Production Company

You can see the current state of the table here: Web Series List