Weekend Trailer Party: Or Die Trying!


“Four ambitious women attempt to achieve their own definition of success, while dealing with the struggles of being a millennial in Hollywood.”

S/O to @Sarah_Hawkins!

What do you think of this trailer? What do you think it does well, and how would you use that to improve or change your own trailers in the future? Will you watch this show, based on the trailer? Let us know!

I love this trailer a lot- I like that there’s a good balance of humor as well as “oh god this is way too real.” I also like that we get just enough of the plot and characters to have an idea of what we’re getting out of the series, but not so much that I know what’s going to happen.

Where did you guys get your aerial shots? Did you have a drone? Did you buy stock LA aerials? Because they’re GORGEOUS.

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I know she was saying it like ironically, but real question- does anyone actually say they’re “keeping it 100”???

This is really cute, and I’ll mark my calendar for the premiere! I didn’t understand what one of the girls does, though, because there was a LOT going on. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it was definitely a little hard to follow.

We looped in a friend who is a drone opp to be our aerial cinematographer! He went around LA and got some beautiful shots for us. Check out his reel here: https://vimeo.com/193117378

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That’s awesomeeeeeee