What can I do to support a crowd funding campain?

So a production’s which I have been cast in is putting their crowd funding site up soon and I really want to see the production made because it would be an amazing experience both as an actor and for people watching it. They have already recorded there video with the writer/director talking about the project. I am wondering what I can do by myself beyond sharing the page constantly and annoying everyone. I really need the project to hit its third goal since then we will produce the episode I star in. (Yes I am being very selfish but damn it but this show will be to good) Anyone got some crowd funding advise or ideas of what I or the creator can do?

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Email! Email is king.

Calling in crowdfunding experts @JulieK @EmilyBest @Jeanette_Bonner @Monica_West @thembob

And read through Julie Keck’s and Emily Best’s AMAs! Lots of good crowdfunding advice in there.

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