What do you want to do with Stareable Updates you can't do right now?

What do you want to do with Stareable Updates you can’t do right now?

As a reminder, Stareable Updates is the handy little feature available to every creator with a show page on Stareable that lets you:

  • Post long-form updates to your Stareable page (like this interview I did with the director of my web series)
  • Post Enrich-locked rewards to your Stareable page (like these posts that you can only access through a $2 or $5 a month subscription to Brains’ Stareable Enrich tiers.)
  • Post to infinite Twitter accounts
  • Post to infinite Facebook accounts
  • Schedule infinite posts to all of the above platforms

We’re looking to do a v2 of Stareable Updates soon, so if you want to influence new features and functionality, chime in!

@Producers @Writers

For me, I definitely want the ability to embed/place images into Updates the same way I can now embed videos, rather than them just being stacked at the bottom of the post.

I’d also love some new formatting options! Maybe text color? Post color?? And post titles that are visible even if the post is locked via Enrich

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Instagram integration would be huge for us! Since you can’t really post on Instagram via desktop it’d be a serious game changer for us— we do most of our social on desktops and it’s always a pain to have to find a phone and transfer all the files we need to upload to Instagram.


Bumping this back up to the top! @CommunityMVPs

What everyone else has said, plus it would be nice to get some embedded gif support. Because I jump between two different computers (mac, PC) I don’t always have a great way to upload gifs. Really, the closer updates gets to being able to post any type of thing in any way we want I think the better it will be. It’s already a really compelling feature, and you guys are doing the lord’s work.

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This is definitely something we are exploring! It’s good to know that you would find this helpful :slight_smile: In the meantime, you can download and upload GIFs using our file uploader!


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