Where's The Best Place To Promote Your Web Series On Social Media

Hello, I figured I post this because I noticed a common theme here and we’re all looking for places to promote our web series or ourselves. Since we can’t do it in here, I thought I ask everybody. Which social media platform is the best place to promote your web series.

My go to places are Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn and Instagram which is pretty much all of them. But I know we all want eyeballs are on work but again it’s hard to get views and likes. How do you promote your work on social media and which platform do you feel gets you the best results.

It’s hard when there’s so much content out there but again basically just thought I start the debate where is the best place to promote your web series and just get the word out there.

Which platform you should be on depends very much on where your audience is. You don’t have the time/energy to be genuinely everywhere at once, so you gotta prioritize.

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