YouTube Premieres Experience Anyone?

Does anyone have experience using YouTube Premieres? Is it worth it? Is it better for certain types of content? Do you have any tips on how to use it best?



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@dontsuckseries does well on YouTube- any tips using the premieres, Tyler?

I’ll say, based on my experience, both Facebook and YouTube premieres don’t really do much except put the video thumbnail in people’s feeds twice- first when it’s scheduled, second when it’s live, but without a huge base of people already it doesn’t move the needle in terms of discoverability or views. But that might just be the channels I’ve worked with. As always, YouTube’s tools aren’t built for filmmakers- they’re best used for channels with constant content roll outs where a premiere builds hype amongst an already popular channel- they don’t get featured anywhere special on the site aside from where a video would normally pop up (subscription feeds, your own channel) so unless you think having a link early will be valuable to your audience, from my perspective, it’s not really worth it

Thanks for the input, Bri.

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Agree with Bri on everything, except we did find major success on YT. We had trailers/sneak peaks that came our every Monday and episodes every Wednesday for 10 weeks. We used the algorithm and it did get us a lot of attention, but it does depend on the content as well.


Thanks for the response. I have a question for you: When you say, “We used the algorithm,” what do you mean? I’m assuming part of that is publishing consistently, but is there something else you’re referring to?

Congrats on your success, by the way. I looked you up on YouTube, and you’re clearly doing things right.


Just tagging appropriately, consistently publishing content on a set and engaging with viewers. There is an add on called YouTube buddy which is helpful, and we aligned ourselves with other correct channels. Thumbnails need to meet certain requirements to be pushed further by the algorithm. Also these requirements are always changing so it’s good to catch up on what is the most up to date.

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Thank you for the specific response with specific details about what you used in regards to the algorithm!

Here’s to hoping I will be able to utilize it when I finally get everything edited :wink:.

Btw - what about publishing directly on Facebook and THEN moving to YouTube?
I’m thinking of doing 5 minuets episodes of Facebook and then 8 minuet episodes of YouTube. It’s the same content just configured slightly differently in the editing

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Posting previews days before is a great idea to build excitement

Thank for sharing ! Have you got links to where I can find out the newest algorithm on YouTube please ?

Keep you content in one place. You have to build and track your audience and different platforms is going to give you more work. Decide which one is best for your content then move forward with that. That is what worked for me. If you and your team are going to be driving traffic, it should be to one place.

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I listened to YouTube creators hub podcast but also searched on YouTube at the time. I don’t know what the current content would be.

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Did you find specific times were better to post? How long are your episodes?


Using premieres well requires that a couple of things, first is a passionate audience, if you audience is small or low on comment engagement the premiere feature can sometimes lower the amount of people who will watch it at all.

  1. A active social media following to make sure that people know it’s on and when, YouTube can squash you out of people’s subscription boxes so they may not see the notification at all unless you have another pathway to keep them in the know. Especially if people haven’t watched your premiere videos before the YouTube gods could decided they never want to see those type of videos.

The real question is what does it add? If you have an engaged community what does live commenting do over and active comment section/social media presence? I was involved on one project where the audience was big enough that it would make sense and we could use it to time when a post show would be live streamed. I’m not sure if they are going ahead with those specific plans but it’s one of the only examples I see being useful in my opinion.

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